It's Okay to be Down

Being in constant pain can be detrimental to our emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes I feel that I shouldn’t be sad and I think to myself, “when is enough actually enough?”

The truth is there isn’t a set timeline on being sad, being angry, or even being frustrated. Sometimes we think that if we let it out then maybe we can move on from it. Chronic pain is like a roller coaster ride you want to get off but can’t. It’s up and down day by day, minute by minute. One day you wake up feeling like your pain is at a level 5 and an hour later it shoots up to an 8. It makes us angry because we just want at least one day of peace.

Image Credit: © Kelsey Rein

Image Credit: ©Kelsey Rein


You need to learn to let yourself be in the moment and if that moment is anger, feel it. If it is sadness, feel it. Don’t look too much into the future and worry if those feelings will ever go away because in all honesty they will eventually. We are strong people who know how to pick ourselves up when we are down because we don’t have any other options.

It’s important to trust in ourselves because we are the only ones who know how we are feeling. People tend to think that just because you look normal on the outside you should just move on with your life and be happy. If people haven’t experienced pain like this they will never get it and that includes medical staff. If someone tells you to quit complaining, tell them that you are glad they don’t have to experience what you do.

I want to be there for people who feel alone, who feel like they don’t have anyone to lean on, and most of all, who don’t have a voice. We are all human and we are all important. The more we hold in the more it festers and creates more problems than if we allow ourselves to be sad, to be angry and to grieve.

I am here for you. I have your back. You are strong. You are inspirational.

Let’s help each other and #BeForeverStrong