One Liners For When Life Gets You Down

This week I have a simplified compilation of one liners to share with you. These statements have kept me going many days and have been a huge encouragement to me through the long years of CPS pain.

Life with chronic pain, near death experiences and lessons learned:

Resist the impulse of helplessness.

Never let familiarity steal your ability to absorb.

It's always too soon to be discouraged, unless your dream doesn't matter.

What happens in the unseen shapes everything around and within us.

Significance is not behavioral.

The words your mind thinks become the house your heart lives in.

Champions don't embrace temporary feelings of inadequacy.

There is no intimacy without investment.

Being a person of substance means you can be challenged because you have nothing to hide.

Carrying people's rejection around inside of you will make you sick.

Your priorities will dictate your activity.

Hospitality is making enough space inside of you to be a safe place for someone else.

Sometimes you buy no regrets with silence.

Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved.

You can be in a situation, but your situation doesn't need to be in you.

Develop a thick skin and a soft heart.

You don't catch good health by accident. You have to go chasing after it.

You can't impose when you're lifting someone up and encouraging their heart.

Image Credit: © Kelsey Rein

Image Credit: ©Kelsey Rein