The Central Pain Syndrome Foundation

is a non-profit organization focused on helping people with CPS find treatments and relief.

Central Pain Syndrome is caused by damage to the Central Nervous System; the brain, brainstem, or spinal cord. CPS brings a lifetime of moderate to severe pain often described as burning, aching or sharp, in addition to many other symptoms.


Our Goal

We are committed to providing information and support to those suffering from Central Pain Syndrome. By increasing understanding of Central Pain Syndrome (CPS) for patients and doctors alike, we are moving towards funding research for better treatments and a cure.


At the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation we suggest patients work specifically to improve these areas:

+ Reducing pain

+ Improving physical functioning

+ Reducing psychological distress

+ Improving overall quality of life


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the CPSF! Whether you’re looking for a support group to find more treatment options and other people who deal with CPS, or you are looking for a chance to volunteer or donate, we cherish every person and bit of help that they offer to the CPS world.

Facebook Group

We invite you to join our encouraging and informative closed Facebook group called, “Central Pain Syndrome”. You just may find the exact answers and friends you’re looking for!


We are looking for volunteers to help at this time. Our teams are ramping up efforts to inform the 1.5 million CPS patients, and the 115,000+ new patients diagnosed with CPS each year.


The Central Pain Syndrome Foundation is a nonprofit corporation - 501(c)(3). We appreciate every single dollar of contribution as we are solely funded on donations.


Advisory Council

Dr. Forest Tennant

“My goal and mission are to identify and treat the underlying causes of severe, chronic intractable pain, develop clinical protocols to treat the underlying causes as well as provide symptomatic care that allows the intractable pain patient to function and have a good quality of life.”

Dr. Carolyn McMakin, DC

“I developed Frequency Specific Microcurrent in 1996 as a way of treating pain using frequencies resurrected from a list created in 1922. I treated Central or Thalamic Pain Syndrome successfully for the first time in 1999 with one specific frequency combination. The protocol has been successful since then in many patients treated by some of the 3,000 FSM practitioners world-wide. Phantom limb pain, nerve pain and spinal cord mediated pain and spasticity each has a specific successful protocol. It is my mission to teach these protocols so practitioners can use them to bring relief to any patient in pain.”


Top Recommended Printable Report For CPS Patients in 2019:

Forest Tennant, M.D., Dr.PH., started his pain clinic in 1975. Originally it focused on treating the pain of cancer and post-polio. He has authored over 300 scientific articles and books, and currently serves as Editor Emeritus of Practical Pain Management, the nation’s most widely circulated pain journal for physicians.

He has formerly served as a Medical Officer in the US Army and US Public Health Service. In the past he has been a consultant to the US Food and Drug Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Drug Enforcement Administration, LA Dodgers, National Football League, and NASCAR. He has authored another handbook for pain patients called “The Intractable Pain Patient’s Handbook for Survival”.


To Paint A Picture


New Stroke Patients Develop CPS Every Year

Stroke related CPS is most often a lesion (scar from a stroke) in the brain or brain stem. 8-10% of those who suffer stroke will at some point after the stroke develop CPS.



New Central Nervous System Injuries Lead To CPS Every Year

CPS generally begins shortly after CNS damage, but may appear gradually, as much as one year later. These injuries can include CNS related viruses or surgeries as well as trauma.



MS, Parkinson’s Or Other Complications Become CPS Each Year

Both Parkinson’s Disease and MS (Multiple Sclerosis) along with “other” unusual causes make up another portion of those with CPS.


The Central Pain Syndrome Foundation is here to bring awareness to the general public and doctors, and helpful answers to CPS (Central Pain Syndrome) patients. We believe that you are never alone, which is why the CPSF is a patient run non-profit organization here for fellow patients and care givers.