Never Say Never

I was that person who would "never be able to do that".

Never be able to not pass out from getting my blood drawn, never be able to handle being massaged or adjusted, never be able to get shots, or give shots, or even look at a needle for that matter. Never be able to go under anesthesia for surgery and never be able to wait long hours for a pain to come and go.

Image Credit: © Kelsey Rein

Image Credit: ©Kelsey Rein


If you hold onto the idea of "I'll never be able to do that" for sure there will be things that you will "never be able to do". Things like experience the joy of growing and changing as a person in the face of the unknown. Things like seeing what the world is like on the other side of your fear.

I've been becoming a person I never would have thought I could become through the process of having a chronic illness and moving towards complete physical health.

I am stronger, more tenacious (I didn't think that was possible, I was already the most stubborn person I knew), and I am so much calmer. What used to be a huge deal isn't even worth the time and energy of thought to me now.

I am grateful for each breath, each ability I have.

And I know that I have a purpose greater than pain. 

Kelsey Rein